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Three ways a working holiday in Australia will help your career

Three ways a working holiday in Australia will help your career

Whether you're from "across the ditch" in New Zealand or from the other side of the world, you - and your career - may benefit from a working holiday in Australia. Offering resume-enhancing and life-enriching experiences, working holidays are becoming one of the best ways to fast track your career and learn new skills. 

Australia, with its varied natural attractions and tropical climate, not to mention its thriving economy, is right up there on the list of must-see destinations - so much so that the United Nations named it as one of the world's most content countries in its 2013 World Happiness Report.

Why not combine a holiday 'down under' with valuable work experience in the global city of Sydney? Or perhaps the vibrant metropolis of Melbourne is more suited to your tastes? Regardless of your city of choice, here are three ways a working holiday in Australia can boost your career prospects.

Get out of your comfort zone

Yes, Australia is home to beautiful white sandy beaches and bustling cities. But if you're looking to break out of your shell and show potential employers you have what it takes to overcome adversity and tackle challenges head on, Australia also offers a wide variety of adventurous pursuits.

From working as a farmhand in the Outback, to becoming a surf teacher or working in the mines in Perth, there is an abundance of outdoor jobs that are bound to stand out on your CV. Forget 'bartender' or 'nanny' - try 'divemaster' or 'sailing crew member' instead!

Gain experience in the Asian Century

Due to its close proximity with Asia, Australia has been actively improving its international relations policy with its Asian neighbours. By doing a working holiday in Australia, you will be in a good position to observe how the Asian economy is influencing the local environment and vice versa.

For more information, check out the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper released by the government earlier this year.

Make money while learning about a new culture

It's no secret the Australian economy is doing well. Thanks to a boom in mining, Australia has enjoyed a relatively stable economic climate over recent years, especially in comparison to other popular working holiday destinations such as London or New York.

Although that's not to say finding a job will be easy, but if you have skills and are willing to work hard you could stand to earn decent wage while exploring a new culture. When you go home, you will be armed with a fresh perspective and valuable international experience - both excellent traits in the eyes of future employers.

Now that you know Australia is the place to be, why not organise your visa application? Speak to a registered migration agent today to get the process started.

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