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Skills Australia Needs exhibition gears up for Texas

Skills Australia Needs exhibition gears up for Texas

As April starts to wind to a close, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has begun to gear up for a number of skilled migration visa presentations to be held in the US.

The DIAC has started to draw together a list of prequalified Australian employers that are looking to take on additional staff members from overseas in order to meet their market demands - a list of which will be published on the event website later this month.

Members of the department will be heading over to the US in preparation for the Skills Australia Needs Expo to be held in Houston, Texas on the weekend of May 19 and 20.

Like the other exhibitions hosted in recent months by the DIAC, this one will be aimed at encouraging experienced workers with technical skills in the areas of infrastructure, resources and energy industries.

While information in immigration visas can be made available through official channels, this event gives those in the US a chance to hear directly from industry leaders and DIAC official about the type of opportunities available and the employment options on offer.

Although the attendance of the days is free, places are limited - meaning that the invitation system is required to provide the most suitable candidates on the day.

According to the department, there will be a certain amount of bias with regards to who receives the invitations to ensure that their skills closely match the needs of Australian businesses.

The DIAC's event information site asserted: "Priority will be given to those skilled workers in engineering or in automotive, construction, electrical or mechanical trades (journeymen).

"Selection of invitees will be based on skills, experience and qualifications meet the employment and sponsorship opportunities on offer from participating employers at the event."

In addition to these criteria, the department has said that the applicants for the event need to be under the age of 50 years old and be in possession of good written and verbal English skills - which should not prove too difficult in a country such as the US, where it is the primary language.

Of course, workers interested in attending the event need to have a desire to live and work in Australia for an extended period of time - as there is little point in participating in a migration expo if the opportunities of a life abroad are not appealing.

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