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Becoming an Australian citizen

Becoming an Australian citizen

If Australia has become your home and you want to make it official in your documentation then you should consider the transition from migrant to citizen.

Generally speaking, if you are a permanent resident who has resided in Australia for the last four years, then you fall under the umbrella for eligibility. However, you must have held that permanent immigration visa for the last 12 months.

The application process involves submitting a number of documents, including a proof of identity like a passport, and supporting papers that stipulate you haven't been convicted of any serious crimes.

Once you have completed all the necessary paperwork, the next stage will be to wait to hear back from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. You will be summoned by a case worker for an interview or a test, depending on which applies to you. They will also verify your documents to make sure you haven't missed any important papers.

The test requires a pass rate of 75 per cent or more, which is at least 15 out of the 20 multiple-choice questions they ask. They refer to issues that affect how the country operates, from judicial to legislative, as well as Australian customs such as when the national day of celebration is.

Should you be successful, you will then attend a citizenship ceremony where you will complete your transformation to an Australian. These occasions usually occur within three months of being approved, however, this will depend upon where you live.

Becoming an Australian citizen entitles you to many rights and responsibilities including voting in elections and referendums, seeking assistance from Australian offices overseas, standing for public office and applying to work in public sector jobs such as the defence force.

Duties that citizens are obliged to carry out include serving on a jury if the situation presents itself, voting in referendums and elections, obeying the law and serving in the defence force if you are called to do so.

Migration is important to Australia's growing population, with multiculturalism playing a vital role in enhancing the nation's rich cultural background.

The country is known for welcoming in those who are looking to make a valuable contribution and positively impact upon the future.

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