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Australian National Maritime Museum celebrates migrants

Australian National Maritime Museum celebrates migrants

A special ceremony is being held on November 3 to unveil the 393 names added to the Australian National Maritime Museum's 'Welcome Wall'.

Approximately 800 people are expected to attend the unveiling.

The 'Welcome Wall' was erected to honour those who have travelled from all over the world on immigration visas to make Australia their home. It is located on the northern boundary of the museum, facing Darling Harbour and Pyrmont Bay.

This is where many settlers arrived in the early days of immigration to Australia.

Australians are invited to commemorate family and friends who have made the trip Down Under to begin a new life. You can do this by providing the museum with the name of your loved one and a brief story about his or her journey.

A spokesperson for the Australian National Maritime Museum said in an October 25 statement that the 'Welcome Wall' is a celebration of the country's diversity.

About 44 per cent of the population was born overseas or has a parent born outside of Australia. We are also home to more than 260 languages and identify with over 270 ancestries.

There are now 26,353 people's names on the 'Welcome Wall', representing over 200 countries.

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