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2013 sees over 9 million Chinese travel the world on migration visas

2013 sees over 9 million Chinese travel the world on migration visas

A recent article published in People's Daily Online reveals that over nine million people from China migrated to countries all over the world in 2013.

A total of 9.343 million Chinese went off seeking new lives in distant lands last year, representing an 128.6 per cent increase in the country's migration rate in the past two decades.

That makes China the "fourth-largest migrant-exporting country" anywhere on the map, states People's Daily Online.

So where are they all going? People's Daily Online states that Australia is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for Chinese migrants. The number of people from China who have opted to arrange migration visas to travel Down Under has boomed in the last 10 years, and Chinese people make up:

- 60 per cent of people from overseas who are granted permanent residency visas
- 3.4 per cent of Sydney's population
- 13 per cent of skilled migrants who arrived in Australia between 2012 and 2013
- 12.7 per cent of people granted tourism visas.

The latest facts and figures published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics also demonstrate that people from China constitute quite a large portion of the 6.4 million migrants living in our country as of June 2013 last year.

Though the United Kingdom is still Australia's biggest source of migrants across every state and territory, China makes it into the top three migrant-exporting countries for many areas.

In New South Wales, for instance, China provides the second-largest number of migrants - 190,000 people - ahead of New Zealand at 128,000 people and behind the United Kingdom at 300,200 people.

China is also the second-largest source of migrants in the Australian Capital Territory. It sent 8,000 migrants to the shores of this region in the year to June 2013, ahead of India's 6,500 people and once again behind the United Kingdom's 16,900 migrants.

Finally, it's the third-largest source of migrants in Victoria, with 112,800 Chinese making the state their new home in 2012-13.

The federal government is working hard to see more of the 9.343 million Chinese migrants come to Australia in future. If you'd like to be one of them, feel free to get in touch with migration agents in Australia today!

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