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Indian travellers expected to contribute $2.3 billion to economy by 2020

Indian travellers expected to contribute $2.3 billion to economy by 2020

Tourism Australia has been conducting research in India to determine the travelling habits of its residents.

This research will be used to fine-tune Tourism Australia's India 2020 Strategic Plan, which should help our nation attract more tourists from this fast-growing market.

The organisation's plan was launched approximately 12 months ago, and is already working wonders according to Tourism Australia's Managing Director Andrew McEvoy.

Over the past year, the number of Indian travellers landing in Australia has increased by 7.8 per cent, up to approximately 159,000 people.

While Mr McEvoy is pleased with this number, he is more excited about the fact that the number of "leisure visitors" arriving in Australia over that time has almost doubled.

This could be because leisure spending has reportedly risen in India by an alluring 25 per cent in the last year.

So, why is India getting all of the attention? Because in 2012, Indian travellers spent about $0.8 billion while visiting Australia for work or pleasure.

By the end of the decade, Tourism Australia predicts Indian travellers will be contributing between $1.9 billion and $2.3 billion to our economy.

"India is one of the world's fastest growing outbound travel markets," explained Mr McEvoy in an August 26 statement.

Apparently the United Nations World Tourism Organisation has projected that India will be offering up 50 million outbound travellers by 2020.

This is an influx of outbound travellers that Australia cannot afford to miss out on!

If Tourism Australia's India 2020 Strategic Plan continue to work its magic, migration agents in Australia could be organising a lot more immigration visas for Indian clients in the near future!

Down Under is already well placed to attract Indian travellers. According to research conducted by Tourism Australia, our "natural landscapes and wildlife" make us a highly desirable destination.

Indian travellers also believe that Australia offers unique sights and sounds for all types of tourists, including families and those travelling on their own.

In addition to this, Australian migration agents might be interested to learn that Indian travellers predominantly use the internet to learn about potential destinations and plan their holidays.

Tourism Australia reveals that they also look for holidays that offer "comfort, happiness, relaxation and adventure".

All migration agents know that Australia has these qualities in spades, and is a fantastic place for Indian travellers - and, indeed, people from all over the world - to live and work.

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