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How to tailor your CV for Australian employers

How to tailor your CV for Australian employers

Updating your resume is hard work in your home country, let alone in a completely new one! If you are moving to Australia in the near future, you might want to enlist the help of an experienced migration agent.

Not only can migration consultants assist you in submitting a successful visa application, they can also provide you with practical advice about finding employment. Get in touch with an agent today to discuss your unique situation and benefit from personalised support.

In the meantime, here are three tips to help you tailor your CV for Australian employers.

Never presume - always check!

Job markets often differ from country to country. And with new job markets you can have a whole new set of unspoken rules. For example, is it common practice to include references on your resume where you're from? Or what about CV length - is one page the maximum, or are two pages acceptable?

Little "unspoken rules" such as these can come naturally to you when job hunting in a familiar city. Yet the game could be completely different somewhere new. It's best to talk to an Australian professional or migration agent to find out what is considered "normal" in your industry. There's no harm in checking, but there can be harm in presuming!

'Australianise' your spelling

This tip is especially relevant if you are relocating from the United States or Canada. It's time to say goodbye to your beloved 'z' words - Australians spell words such as 'organization' with an 's'. There are many more subtle yet important differences, too, so you may want to get your hands on a national dictionary.

Rewriting your CV in line with Australian spelling will minimise the risk of you "standing out" as a foreigner and will also show you have made an effort to do your research.

Be clear

It's always important to be clear and concise when describing previous work experience, but if you are visiting Australia from another country, this takes on a whole new significance.

Chances are, your prospective employer will not have heard of your previous place of employment unless it was a big, multinational organisation. Therefore, don't leave any room for ambiguity or just presume they will know what you are inferring.

Spell out your skills in the clearest way possible to have peace of mind your CV will be comprehensive and competitive.

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