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Australia Day sees record number of people become citizens - and there's room for more

Australia Day sees record number of people become citizens - and there's room for more

Australia Day has been and gone, with a record-breaking number of people taking the final step in their citizenship application.

According to ABC News, nearly 18,000 people were granted Australian citizenship on January 26 during myriad ceremonies held in every state and territory.

Among them was Dr Adi Paterson, chief executive officer of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and one of our country's best and brightest engineers.

Dr Paterson was named chief executive officer of the ANSTO in 2009 and has lived in our country ever since. In addition to being granted this coveted title, Dr Paterson was dubbed Professional Engineer of the Year by the Sydney Division of Engineers Australia in 2012.

He has played an instrumental role in many projects developed by the ANSTO, including the construction of a Centre for Accelerator Science and a $168 million "nuclear medicine manufacturing plant at Lucas Heights".

Such projects create many investment and employment opportunities for people across the country and help Australia put itself on the map.

Dr Paterson announced that he has "had the pleasure of living in this wonderful country for around five years" and was absolutely thrilled to "take the pledge" and become a full-fledged Australian citizen.

"It's an honour," he said in a January 24 media statement.

He explained that Australia has given him and the 18,000 others who took their first steps as Australian citizens on Sunday the opportunity to achieve his goals.

"Australia has given me the opportunity to lead ANSTO and, as in so many areas like sport, music and academia, Australia well and truly punches above its weight when it comes to producing high-quality research outcomes," stated Dr Paterson.

Speaking to ABC News, electrical engineer and musician Ranjan Vaidja said he also came to Australia "mainly looking for better opportunities".

"You have got a lot of things right here," he told the news source on January 28. "The political system is right, your economic system is right, all the prosperity, everything is right."

And, the best part is there's room for more, according to commentator and demographer Bernard Salt.

He told ABC News that Australia's population could jump to over 30 million people in the next half a century - but we can handle it.

"I think we have a moral obligation, if you like, to accept migrants from overloaded parts of the rest of the world," said Mr Salt.

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