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Unregistered migration agent prosecuted

Unregistered migration agent prosecuted

The importance of becoming a registered migration agent was highlighted in a joint press release issued by Minister for Justice Michael Keenan and Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Michaelia Cash on December 19.

The ministers expressed concern in regard to unregistered migration agents following a case involving a Sydney man accused of providing illegal migration aid to foreigners.

The man has allegedly been assisting Fijian workers to obtain unlawful employment on Australian farms.

"This individual, who is not a registered migration agent, is believed to be providing migration advice and advertises these services via his business website, while also referring visa holders with no work rights to work illegally," Ms Cash said.

Not only does this put the overseas workers at risk, it also serves to undermine the integrity of lawful, hard-working migration agents across the country.

The ministers announced the government would be working hard to uncover any other unlawful individuals in the industry.

"This raid should serve as a warning to those providing unregistered migration assistance - it is a criminal offence and the AFP, Australia's lead law enforcement agency, is helping to shutdown these illegal operations," Mr Keenan asserted.

The minister added that individuals could report any suspected illegal activity by visiting the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) website.

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