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New visa pricing arrangements announced

New visa pricing arrangements announced

Attention all migration agents in Australia - from 1 July, there will be some new pricing arrangements for immigration visas that you should take note of.

Normally, visa application charges are paid in installments. The first installment is made when the application is submitted, and the second is made just before the visa is granted.

The amount your clients will be required to pay for the first installment will depend on their unique circumstances.

As of 1 July, this first installment may include a number components, including a base application charge, a subsequent temporary application charge, an additional applicant charge, or a non-internet application charge.

The base application charge is the sum of money a primary visa applicant must pay when they first apply for a visa.

The subsequent temporary application charge amounts to $700, and your clients might need to pay this if they apply for some kind of temporary visa while in Australia. This charge will not apply to their original visa application.

If a client is applying for a combined visa, such as one that covers multiple people, they may be required to pay an additional applicant charge. This payment must be made for each additional applicant included in the visa application, unless an exemption applies.

The amount will depend on which visa subclass these additional applicants are applying for. The age of these individuals - namely, whether they are over or under the age of 18 - will also impact the additional applicant charge.

Your clients may have to pay a non-internet application charge of $80 if they do not apply for a visa through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's online service when this option is available.

Unlike the subsequent temporary application charge, this need only be paid once per application, not per person. The non-internet application charge also only applies to certain migration visas.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has announced that this charge will apply to the 155 (five-year resident return), 157 (three-month resident return), 417 (working holiday), 476 (skilled - recognised graduate) and 485 (temporary graduate) visas.

All migration agents helping their clients apply for visas on or after 1 July should keep these new charges in mind.

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