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Migration Alliance and Ord Minnett team up to help significant investors

Migration Alliance and Ord Minnett team up to help significant investors

Migration agents in Australia will be pleased to hear that Migration Alliance and Ord Minnett, Australia's leading Private Wealth Management group, will now be working together to help migration agents and their significant investor clients apply for this new class of migration visas.

The significant investor visa was introduced in November last year and has been designed to allow Australia to "compete effectively for high net worth individuals seeking investment migration", according to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

"Significant investors bring with them their skills in business, their links to international markets and additional capital for investment in other projects in Australia that interest them," said Brendan O'Connor, Australia's minister for immigration and citizenship, in a May 3 statement.

A successful Chinese toy manufacturer was the first recipient of the significant investor visa earlier this month. He was nominated by the Victorian state government due to his proven business ability.

Because of this new partnership, Migration Alliance members will now have access to Ord Minnett's free consultation and advice services. This will help those interested in applying for the significant investors visa to determine what they can invest in, and if it complies with the visa's requirements.

There are currently three kinds of investment that are regarded as complying with the significant investor visa's requirements.

They are commonwealth, state and territory government bonds, Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) regulated managed funds, or direct investment into Australian proprietary companies.

A wide range of bonds, as well as Australian infrastructure projects, agribusiness and real estate all fall under the 'managed funds' label.

In order to be eligible for this visa, prospective applicants must submit an expression of interest to SkillSelect, be nominated by a territory or state government and make a minimum investment of $5 million in one of the above mentioned complying investments.

Another condition attached to these immigration visas is that the successful applicant must be in Australia for at least 40 days for every year that they have held a significant investor visa.

Private Wealth Managers at Ord Minnett, Brett Waller and Luke Headland, said that they "look forward to developing a successful working relationship with Migration Alliance and adding value to the immigration consulting services of its members".

Ord Minnett's are unique in that they offer high quality consultation services that are independent, completely transparent and come at an affordable price.

In addition to giving clients insider advice about what to invest and where, Ord Minnett's knowledgeable staff can also help prospective applicants put together a portfolio based their specific risk profiles.

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