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Migration agents encouraged to attend event at new venue

Migration agents encouraged to attend event at new venue

Migration Alliance and the office for the shadow immigration minister Scott Morrison wish to advise that there will be a change of location for the gala dinner with guest speaker Peter Costello.

Previously scheduled to take place at Le Montage at Lilyfield, the event will now take place on October 3 at Doltone House at Sylvania Waters. The dinner at 223 Belgrave Esplanade, Sylvania Waters will still feature Peter Costello and be hosted by Scott Morrison. The Migration Alliance urges that all migration agents attend in order to voice their concerns and issues to the minister in the opposition, who could very possibly be the new minister in charge of the immigration portfolio. 
Migration Alliance recommends that you reserve your seat as a member of the alliance so that all Australian migration agents are seated together. This will enable a group voice for the issues affecting agents like the introduction of a compulsory International English Language Test (ILETS) in 2014.  Migration Alliance believes this is an unfair penalisation on those who predominantly use a language other than English to conduct their business and converse with their clients.

The gala dinner, hosted by the member for Cook, will feature a speech from one of Australia's finest treasurers, who will talk about fiscal responsibility and what's needed to return the budget back to surplus. Entitled Our Finest Treasurer Ever, it will be a great opportunity to hear what the Liberal party have in mind for the country with the election to occur within a year. The polls suggest that while a landslide may no longer be the case, there is the very real chance that a change of government will come to fruition.

In the invitation, Mr Morrison says that now more than ever, Australia needs a treasurer like Costello who delivered many surpluses.

"Real wages grew by more than 20 per cent, more than two million Australians found new jobs and he left our nation’s finances with more than $40 billion in the bank, after paying back Labor’s $96 billion debt.

"By contrast, Labor has produced record debt, record deficits and declining productivity. Not a day passes when I do not wish Peter Costello was still running economic policy in this country," Mr Morrison wrote.

Due to the change of venue, members of the Liberal Party are advised that there will be a discount of $40 per person.

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