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Harsh penalties for hiring illegal workers

Harsh penalties for hiring illegal workers

New measures are being introduced to help prevent the illegal hiring of workers, and Brendan O'Connor yesterday (May 23) launched a campaign to educate migration agents and the wider public about exactly what these new measures entail.

Mr O'Connor, who is the minister for immigration and citizenship, said businesses who are doing "the right thing" have absolutely "nothing to fear" from these new regulations.

From June 1, a series of more stringent employer penalties for those who hire staff that are not legally able to work in Australia will be effective.

Receiving a warning notice or being imposed with a criminal sanction was once the only penalty you could receive for such an offence.

Under the new legislation, infringement notices and civil penalties will be given to employers found breaking the law. Anyone using 457 immigration visas in an unsanctioned manner could be charged anything between $3,060 and $76,500 per illegal worker for doing so.

"These legislative reforms are an essential part of the government's effort to stamp out illegal work practices and ensure local jobs are available for local job seekers," said Mr O'Connor in a May 23 statement.

"This is about ensuring that laws around overseas workers are upheld and local workers aren't disadvantaged."

The campaign will involve advertising features on radio stations throughout the county, as well as online and in industry publications.

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