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'Do the NT' campaign launched

'Do the NT' campaign launched

A new campaign that hopes to attract more visitors to the Northern Territory was launched on Sunday (September 29).

So, migration agents that are working in the Northern Territory should keep an eye out for an influx of incoming flights!

Minister for Tourism, Matt Conlan, said the campaign - which is called 'Do the NT' - is different to anything the Northern Territory has produced in the past.

It focuses on "what people don't know" about the Northern Territory.

While previous campaigns were all about drawing attention to the region's beautiful scenery and unique landscapes, Mr Conlan decided it was time to showcase "the things you can do in the Northern Territory".

He wanted to highlight the "fun, diverse, adventurous" side of the Northern Territory and prove that it's "ultimately great value for a holiday".

Through research, Mr Conlan discovered that visitors perceived the Northern Territory as a "passive destination" - that is, one in which you can look at everything and touch nothing.

"What wasn't getting through to people were all the amazing things you can actually do here," he said in a September 29 statement.

'Do the NT' should change this perception - and migration agents in Australia can help out, too!

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