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Calling migration agents: The benefits of joining Migration Alliance

Calling migration agents: The benefits of joining Migration Alliance

If you are an independent registered migration agent in Australia, do you sometimes find it challenging to work on your own without the support of a team?

As the old saying goes, strength lies in numbers. Yet when you're a one- or two-man band, it can be difficult to compete with larger organisations.

A great compromise is to tap into the wealth of knowledge that is Migration Alliance. By becoming a Migration Alliance member you can enjoy many unique benefits that can help propel your career forward. 

Industry insight

Australian immigration legislation is constantly changing and evolving. Sometimes it can be difficult to stay on top of all the latest legislative changes and suggestions, let alone to read relevant news.

Migration Alliance brings all this news together in one place so you don't have to. Ranked the number one immigration website in Australia, it is a veritable goldmine of relevant information.

Whether you want to catch up on legislative decisions by reading the blog or contribute to the work of the Law Reform Taskforce, Migration Alliance is an excellent place to gain valuable industry insight.

Support and representation

In addition to providing you with the news and updates, Migration Alliance can also provide practical, hands-on support if you find yourself in need of professional advice.

Christopher Levingston, an Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer, is on hand to answer questions and prepare legal updates relevant to the sector.

Migration Alliance also offers a professional lobbying service that is registered with the Prime Minister and Cabinet and actively lobbies on behalf of members.

Networking opportunities

Arguably one of the most enjoyable aspects of joining Migration Alliance is the chance to network with other industry professionals. Through the website and industry events you'll have the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

The website is also an excellent place to gain new clients, as it is a useful source of information for people looking to apply for visas in Australia or learn more about current immigration legislation.

As membership to Migration Alliance is free, you have nothing to lose by joining - only a lot to gain. Other perks of the membership include discounts on some LTA CPD courses, discounted insurance schemes, access to the Migration Alliance logo to use on your website or branding material and much more.

Talk to the team at Migration Alliance today to find out how you can quickly and easily register your details.

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