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Advocating the rights of Australian migration agents

At Migration Alliance, protecting the rights of registered migration agents is our main area of focus - and we consistently and passionately advocate for coherence, co-operation and capacity across the industry.

Working closely with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, we take action in support of registered Australian migration agents, maximising positive outcomes for our industry.

Whether we are lobbying on behalf of registered migration agents or offering competitive rates on professional indemnity cover and public liability insurance cover for our members, you'll find that there are numerous benefits to joining our organisation.

Registered migration agents in Australia

In Australia, migration agents can become registered once they have met specific requirements under Part 3 of the Migration Act 1958.

Within the past 12 months before applying for registration, all applicants must have completed the Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law & Practice and pass all the prescribed exams that are administered as part of this certification program.

Only four Australian universities offer the Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law & Practice - Murdoch University in Western Australia, Melbourne's Victoria University, The Australian National University in Canberra and Griffith University in Queensland.

Both lawyers and non-lawyers who hold an Australian bachelor's degree or international equivalent are eligible for the Graduate Certificate in Australian Law & Practice - and upon completion, successful graduates are eligible to apply to the Office of the Migration Agents Registry Authority (MARA).

Joining Migration Alliance

It is free for new members to join Migration Alliance and you'll find we offer a range of benefits to our members.

In addition to offering highly competitive public liability insurance and professional indemnity cover, our members can also access high value, low-cost CPD.

Migration Alliance members can also benefit from a host of networking events all over the country - you'll be able to grow your network of professional contacts via our online forums, as well as our meet-ups at coffee shops across Australia.

Our commitment to our founding principles means that our members always feel supported - we endeavour to strengthen the profession through our close, ongoing dialogue with the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

In addition to taking action on behalf of registered Australia migration agents, we also work tirelessly to improve the industry, advocating for capacity, coherence and co-operation.

Stamping out unregistered offshore migration processes

In Australia and overseas, it is illegal for individuals who have not been registered as migration agents to provide Australian migration services - including assistance with visa applications.

Migration Alliance believes that the individuals who act as migration agents without undergoing the proper education, training and registration process pose a significant threat to our profession.

In the interest of protecting the reputation of registered Australian migration agents around the world, we work passionately to eliminate unregistered offshore migration processes.

We believe that by supporting only accredited, qualified offshore and onshore migration agents, we will ensure continued positive outcomes for our industry and see our profession grow from strength to strength.

Registered Australian migration agents should never be confused with rogue, self-appointed unregistered agents based overseas - we operate in a professional, educated and highly-regulated industry and act in accordance with these values and principles.

All migration agents who have been registered by the Office of the MARA will find that Migration Alliance offers a complete support network - and a powerful ally in the face of those who would damage our industry's reputation.
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