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Berlitz - A Global Education Company

Berlitz has been educating the world for over 130 years in different languages, and now with many programs for cross-cultural and corporate training. As the world’s largest language training company located in 70 countries with over 550 branches worldwide, we have helped millions of men, women and children speak new languages, learn about new cultures and cross diverse cultural boundaries, through our rich history and innovative approach, multiple delivery options for online and classroom learning, among other innovations, Berlitz offers many important advantages.. 

Berlitz offers a comprehensive portfolio of programs that are online and face-to-face learning, including:

  • Language training 
  • Business communication skills training (negotiations, presentations, etc.)
  • Relocation training/global mobility services for employees and families 
  • Cross-cultural training programs  
  • Government/institutional programs 
  • Children’s programs

Berlitz provides various training solutions to the world‘s biggest companies, including GM, Toyota, IBM, BP, HP, Dell, Siemens, Kraft, Bayer, P&G, Mercedes, Samsung, Google, Citi Group, Ernst & Young, KPMG. Berlitz provides cross-cultural and leadership training for companies with staff who work with global customers, suppliers and colleagues. We work with these clients on a global scale to ensure their staff have the necessary communication skills, cultural understanding and leadership success wherever in the world they are living or conducting business.   

Language Training:

Berlitz can help you learn a new language to improve your career or for personal interests - English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Thai, Bahasa, etc. Berlitz has standard courses for learning over 50 different languages to improve your career opportunities, improve communication with clients, colleagues, suppliers, joint-venture partners, or for personal interests. We also customise courses for migration purposes, exams, improving employment opportunities. 

Individuals and corporations offer testimonials on their experience with Berlitz. A satisfied customer is the best advertisement we have. Our famous alumni of language students include former US Presidents - John F. Kennedy & Jimmy Carter, Nicolas Sarkozy, as well as celebrities such as Celine Dion, Robin Williams and Meryl Streep. 

Berlitz offers private 1-on-1 courses which is the most popular format. It’s ideal for people who want to learn quickly with maximum flexibility to adjust the schedule to match their personal situation and balance work and family commitments.   

Online or virtual courses are available with the CyberTeachers program, which is a computer-based self-learning system, or with the Berlitz Virtual Classroom, which involves private 1-on-1 lessons but can be conducted from any location such as a person’s home or office, or while they are traveling. 

Language students can also study at one of our training centres anywhere in the world, so you can be fully prepared before you travel or work in other countries. You can learn part of a course here in Australia and then continue your lessons overseas in the country of your choice to get a real taste of living and speaking in that environment. It’s easy since Berlitz is located in over 70 countries. Contact us now for a free trial and consultation. 

Cross-Cultural & Leadership Training:

Berlitz also provides many cross-cultural and leadership training programs for companies with staff involved in international projects or in key roles, and for those with offices/clients in other countries or when expanding. As many companies are working closer with clients, suppliers or colleagues in other countries, it is essential for people to have a better understanding of cultural characteristics. This will ensure that any cultural differences or communication difficulties are avoided to achieve success. 

The most popular corporate training solutions include: 

  • cross-cultural communication (global negotiations, meetings, presentations, customer service)
  • effective selling to other cultures
  • conflict management
  • leading global teams 
  • diversity and inclusion
  • cultural orientation/psychometric analysis

These programs range from basic awareness and understanding to advanced skills to suit different needs or SMEs and large companies. We also have the Cultural Navigator online program that will analyse your cultural profile which can then be compared to over 100 different cultures worldwide, helping people to understand their own characteristics to ensure success with overseas business or migration can be achieved. 

We also provide extensive customised programs for companies that require country or industry specific content to suit their needs. These are available with either private and group instruction in any location, blended learning, or online/web-based platforms.

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