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IDP has been placing international students into educational institutions (in over 30 English-speaking countries) for over 50 years!

About IDP
IDP’s team of experienced and dedicated counselors are experts at providing trusted advice to students and their families every step of the way in their international education journey.

IDP partners with 700 leading universities and institutions to help connect students to the course that positions the student the best to achieve global success.

IDP also operates English language teaching campuses in South East Asia and is a proud co-owner of IELTS, the world’s most popular high-stakes English language test, meaning the brand is widely known and well trusted.

Migration Alliance and IDP
Migration Alliance understands the difficulty RMAs face in obtaining and keeping contracts with individual education providers. Migration Alliance is also aware that many education providers aren’t inclined to go into agreement with smaller agencies. For this reason, Migration Alliance has partnered with IDP, so that migration agents with businesses of any size (from sole traders to small, medium and large businesses) can have access to top educational institutions and find the most suitable placement for their students. RMAs can also enjoy commissions which they would not normally have access to, namely from Go8 universities and Australian universities ranked in the World Top 100 each year.

This will benefit all international students referred by RMAs as they will have full freedom to choose an education provider. RMAs will also not need to forgo any commission earning opportunities when their students apply to attend their desired school of choice.

It’s also a great opportunity for RMAs who are not currently offering student placements to begin now without having to set up an education agency or negotiate contracts with institutions. This offer gives RMAs access to the international education and associated student visa market. If RMAs have not previously had any exposure to placing students into courses, this is perfect, as there is no minimum limit on the number of students needing to be referred annually to an institution to access referral commissions.

To make enquiries about the commission payable on student enrolments for onshore international students, please email

Place a student
To begin placing students into institutions now please contact our in-house education counsellor, Miki Lim, who will assist RMAs to enrol their students. Miki speaks English, Japanese and Korean, and can read written Chinese. Miki can be contacted at 02 9008 1306 or email

Learn more about the student enrolment (ECOE) and student visas
For RMAs with questions on student visa processes, including how to book a student in via the Migration Alliance – IDP agreement, please email

CPD on the IDP student enrolments process and student visas
Legal Training Australia will be running CPDs on this topic (IDP enrolments) from July 2020.

More from IDP IELTS
Legal Training Australia has negotiated the following offer from IELTS for MA members:
Join the Australian IELTS Referral Program for Migration Alliance Affiliate Agents, to receive access to exclusive preparation tools and free study tools for your clients.

As an affiliate agent, you’ll be also be eligible for monetary incentives and may use your IELTS affiliate status as a badge of trust and reliability to boost your business.
• $15 commission per paid booking
• 1 IELTS Assist voucher code per booking (for test taker)

To nominate your business, please complete the form and upload the appropriate documentation – and we’ll be in touch!

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