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Employing people is meant to multiply your results, grow your business, add value to your customers and free your time to work on the business (instead of in it). If you aren’t seeing these outcomes, you aren’t achieving the maximum out of your people. 

As the recommended provider for Migration Agents, Chase Hunt can support you across the full spectrum of Human Resources to manage the risks associated with employing people and maximise their potential to add value to your clients and your business.

Chase Hunt delivers the above value to businesses via the following services:

  • HR Support – Telephone & Email helpline for all Human Resources Issues

  • HR Outsource – Outsource your Human Resources Management to Chase Hunt

  • HR Tailored – Align your Business to grow and achieve results

Chase Hunt’s services are based on the level of engagement you require. All services are tailored to meet your individual business needs and objectives. They are affordably priced and invoice for services on a fixed annual or monthly basis.

In appreciation of our partnership with Migration Alliance, Chase Hunt has an exclusive offer on our HR Support services for all Migration Alliance Members. All Members will receive $500 off the usual annual fee for these services.

This is a great opportunity to ensure workplace compliance, performance, safety and harmony and is of significant value. To take advantage of this exclusive offer please visit the Chase Hunt website.

If you would like any further information or have any questions about human resources please contact me by filling out the enquiry form, visit my website or give me a call on 0407 665 765. 


For further information or a confidential conversation about the benefits to your business, please visit Chase Hunt at or contact Michael Bombardiere on 0407 665 765.

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