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Looking for reliable and professional migration agent support?

Dear Migration Agents,

We are very proud to announce our new partnership with Labour Support.

Labour Support is a company dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals alike. Headquartered in Brisbane, they support Registered migration agents nationwide, with clients from all over Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide. 

Labour Support understands that many Registered migration agents do not have enough time to spend on research, submission writing and administration – so they do it for them.

Labour Support offers a range of migration support services such as the undertaking and preparation of:

-          Market Salary Survey;

-          Labour Market Testing;

-          Genuine Need for Position reports;

-          Business Plans;

-          Training Benchmarks A/B and more..

All of their work is fresh, which means no templates are used, case-by-case facts are relevant and accurate, and information is presented concisely and professionally.

They pride themselves on the quality of their work, which has been the reason many Registered migration agents keep referring their cases to them.

Their expertise in this field is profound and we are confident that we will continue to be the leading powerhouse in this industry.

To get in touch with Labour Support, email 


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