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Promote your business with HOW Australia Magazine

HOW AUSTRALIA is a magazine to be launched in November in Australia and 50 countries around the world. The magazine targets Students, Travelers, Job Seekers, Skilled Migrants and people with general interest in moving to Australia.

For you to promote your business, HOW AUSTRALIA has kindly offered 60 - 70% discount on advertisements if booked by the 14th of October and 50% discount if booked by the 20th of October.

This offer is exclusively for MA members. The offer also includes free Artwork for the Directory page only, worth $250.

For details on the HOWAUSTRALIA magazine, media kit, prices and discounts, please follow this link.

To take advantage of this offer, please follow this link.

For any questions you can also get in touch with HOW AUSTRALIA by an enquiry via the enquiry form.

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