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Alexander Tees,  LLB,  Lawyer ,  Legal Exchange


Lawyer, Solicitors – Legal Services – Syd, Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns

Tailored  Service offerings for Migration Agents in the following areas:

  • Migration & Civil/Administrative Law problems for Migration Agents (disciplinary proceedings in Tribunals and other disciplinary problems/matters dealt with)
  • Debt Collection & Insolvency
  • Migration Law Court Matters taken on while the Migration Agent keeps the client Preparation /Referral fees paid to Migration Agents
  • Estate Planning, Tax , Wills,  Trusts , Asset Protection & Business Succession *Asset Protection ,Wills and Trusts for high net worth individuals (* In House Tax Accountant/Financial Planner available to optimise client solutionsPreparation /Referral fees paid to Migration Agents
  • Commercial , Family Law, Criminal Law
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