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Flexible Long Term Car Hire Options to Suit Every Budget

Drive the car you want at a fraction of the cost. If you’re in Australia on a 457 Visa, take advantage of our wide range of vehicle options.

As I’m sure you are aware, people on 457 visas can often find it hard to get cars in Australia through the normal channels. Things like vehicle finance usually aren’t available unless you’ve been in Australia for a certain period of time.
Drive My Car Rentals on the other hand can arrange you a long term rental on a great range of cars, from compact vehicles like a Holden Barina or Hyundai Getz, through to an Audi or a BMW. Our attractive rental packages include all servicing, maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance and dedicated customer support throughout the rental.
How it works:
Drive My Car Rentals (DMCR) is not a traditional car rental company. We are an online community connecting car owners looking to earn some extra money by renting out their car, with drivers who are no longer prepared to pay high car rental costs and want more choice.
Cars are available from 30 days to one year or more.
Drivers can choose from the largest range of privately owned cars in Australia. The best part is that they will make substantial savings compared to traditional car rental companies.
  • Choose from a wide range of vehicle makes and models
  • No finance needed
  • Comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance provided
  • Flexibility; rent month to month or long term
  • All maintenance is covered by the car owner
  • No hassles associated with how long you have been in Australia
How to get started:
For more information about our great range of rental vehicles, SIMPLY CLICK HERE.
If you‘re a Migration Agent who is interested in more information about how to help your clients find great car options, click here for more info.
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