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FAQs - All FAQs
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  • It's free to join
  • Access to Registered Migration Agents who are legally trained and registered to provide Australian immigration advice and assistance.
  • Registered Migration Agents have proven sound knowledge to assist with migrant queries on Australian immigration.
  • Access to  a network of associated professionals in the Australian migration industry who can assist with all aspects of migration to Australia
  • Engagment with professionals who have expertise in understanding and applying the changing laws that govern Australian immigration in order to achieve effective and timely results.
  • Highly motivated and hard working Australian businesses and professionals with a drive for achieving the best possible outcomes for each migrant at the most competitive cost. 
  • Access to migration agents with excellent communication skills in many languages who will simplify the complex immigration law and make it easy to understand. 
  • Hands-on professionals with the specific focus on migrant case management and experience dealing with migrants to Australia. 
  • Regular Australian immigration and lifestyle news articles sent to you via email
  • Access to visa services from our members such as:

• Employer sponsored visas (permanent and temporary)
• Management of employer sponsorship obligations (compliance)
• Business innovation visas, SkillSelect and the Expression of Interest
• Parent, Student, Family, Compelling RRV, Partner visas
• Reviews to the Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal (MRT-RRT)
• Discretionary Australian citizenship applications
• Appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal from the Department of Immigration on character issues, visa cancellations and Australian citizenship decisions

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Join the Number 1 Immigration Website in Australia as a professional RMA

Migration Alliance is the Number 1 immigration website in Australia

Migration Alliance Inc. (MA) offers registered migration agents in the migration advice profession free access to membership.  MA membership is based on the professional and business needs of RMAs, support staff, students entering the profession, sponsors, migrants and services which compliment the services offered by migration agents.  We cannot be beaten for value.

No other organisation in the immigration profession can match Migration Alliance in terms of page ranking, price to join, low-cost CPD, advocacy with professional, active lobbying, accredited specialist legal support and free online forum, PI and PL insurances and other related services in the migration arena.


Designed to cater for the needs of RMAs

Migration Alliance offers the following support:

  • Email News updating RMAs on DIAC news, system outages and liaison meetings, policy and legislative changes
  • An email newsletter (at least twice weekly) written by MA's professional media content team and a copy on our homepage - covering currrent Australian immigration topics
  • Access to legal updates prepared by Christopher Levingston, Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer
  • Professional support from Migration Alliance's network of practicing RMAs with current, up-to-date real life experience running a migration practice

Lobbying and representation

Professional lobbyist firm that represents you

Being a Member of Migration Alliance means that you benefit from being part of an organisation that has a professional lobbyist on board and is registered with the Prime Minister and Cabinet:  Migration Alliance doesn't just talk about lobbying and representation.  We actively lobby through our professional lobbying firm, Paris Walter.

On behalf of its Members, Migration Alliance:

  • Prepares submissions and makes representations to government on legislative, regulatory, policy and procedural issues
  • Assists RMAs to defend complaints against them which have been lodged with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)
  • Acts as a media contact point, contributes to press and is the voice of our 4200 + member RMAs

Associated Benefits


Migration Alliance offers price reductions and financial benefits which assist members to save and make money.  This includes:

  • Free travel insurance for you and your family through Amex Business Cards
  • Discounted specialist Professional Indemnity (PI) and other insurances
  • Discounts on all LTA CPD courses, conferences, online CPD (private study) and seminars
  • The opportunity to earn huge referral commissions
  • Find an agent facility on the MA website
  • Access to the to MA's Standard Client Agreement template and the Member of Migration Alliance logo for web, office and marketing use
  • Online locked RMA discussion forum
  • Public forum to meet and talk with potential clients
  • Much, much more.  See our dedicated RMA section.

Migration Alliance is a not for profit organisation that exists for the benefit of our members.   We do not charge a membership fee to our members because we do not have to cover high and expensive salaries for staff, high rental costs for lease of premesis and other such expenses. 

Join as a member today.  It's free.

The statistics tell you why to sponsor or advertise with Migration Alliance

Please look at the Migration Alliance page rank.  Migration Alliance has the coverage, depth and reach which is unsurpassed in our industry.  We  reach the majority of migration agents and the wider community including migrants, new people entering the profession and associated sponsors and service providers.  The question about whether to sponsor or advertise with Migration Alliance is not 'if not', it is 'why not'?  We are the number one professional association for registered migration agents in Australia.  Migration Alliance is the number 1 immigration website in Australia.   If you are looking for a quality, depth, reach, passion and people who are easy to work with then choose Migration Alliance.  Look at our current sponsors.  They are with us for a reason.  Quality.

Our philosophy is to create excellent working relationships with our sponsors to develop strong alliances to benefit our members and the general public wishing to migrate to Australia.  Our aim is not to benefit Migration Alliance the organisation, but the members within it.  Sponsoring Migration Alliance connects you 3400 + RMA members and their huge numbers of clients.   Our website is uniquely designed to capture migrants before they arrive in Australia.

Students are those people who are enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice, Immigration Law masters program and are not yet RMAs. Membership is free.

Student RMAs are given access to all information provided to Registered Migration Agents apart from information contained in the locked RMA sections. This allows students to participate in the migration agent community and familiarise themselves with the profession prior to becoming registered. This allows for an easy transition into the profession.

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