Field Research - Insights from Industry has put together a piece on the IDP-Migration Alliance relationship, as follows:

Liana Allan is the founder of the Migration Alliance, a membership organisation for about 5,500 Registered Migration Agents.

In June, the Alliance struck a referral agreement with IDP to direct migration agent clients to IDP if they were looking for higher-education outcomes. You can read more here

Ms Allan says the referral arrangement has started well.

"We have had quite a big flow since we started up.

"There are a lot of people who are sick and tired of their college and they want to transfer to a more reputable onshore university or college. IDP can help move them."

The referral relationship is focused on in-country clients who are considered low risk.

Ms Allan says agents want to be able to give their clients a pathway to Group of Eight (Go8) universities and IDP is one of the few education agency groups that can offer such a pathway.

She notes that many education providers are not inclined to enter a relationship with smaller migration agencies on an individual basis.

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