Natalie O'Brien has published this article today:

You may recall that Migration Alliance raised the issue of the A and B list of migration agents on March 12, 2014. In that article I had been in communication with the DIBP.  To read that article including the terrible information about Lists A and B of migration agents please click here:

Natalie O'Brien called Migration Alliance last week and first spoke with Christopher Levingston, asking him where she could obtain a copy of the FOI document mentioned in our article at the link above regarding List A and B.  

Christopher referred Natalie to me and I noticed that the document which had previously been accessible in March 2014, strangely no longer worked.  I chased up the document with DIBP but they were not forthcoming.  I then scoured the net by removing .pdf from the original document and found it located elsewhere in a different directory on DIBP's website.  The address had been changed slightly and the location moved.

In Natalie O'Brien's article today 4 May 2014, Ms Chan mentions that the DIBP had admitted there was a 'flaw in the system and had stopped using the list'.

Which flaw?

In which system?

When was it stopped?

I am not aware of any system and I am not aware of any flaw in that system.  Are you?

If you are a member of the MIA I invite you to please find out more about the 'flaw in the system' from Ms Chan.  If someone knows about the 'system' in this regard, then how do they know about the said 'system' and the said 'flaw', and what has been done about it?

If anyone would like to complain about list A or B please do so via the Commonwealth Ombudsman by using the online complaint form:

As agents would be aware this is not the first time the DIBP has behaved in a vindictive way.  There is of course the 'don't call 131881' and then there is barring agents from the AL2-AL4 student e-lodgmenent systems for integrity reasons.  I am sure each agent has their own story to complain about.  Yes, perhaps it is about time for an inquiry. 

Email me with more information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .