COVID-19 has entered Australia. It continues to represent a severe and immediate threat to human health in Australia as it has the ability to cause high levels of morbidity and mortality and to disrupt Australian community socially and economically.

The Swissotel Sydney will temporarily house individuals who are returning to Australia by aircraft after having been passengers on the Norwegian Jewel cruise ship to undertake 14 days of isolation. It is anticipated that those individuals will remain in isolation for 14 days after their arrival. Subject to medical clearances, it will be appropriate for the individuals to return to their homes in Australia after that time.

It is possible that the zone may also temporarily house other individuals returning to Australia on an aircraft due to COVID-19, if considered necessary and appropriate. In accordance with subsection 113(5) of the Act, the Determination does not specify as a requirement a biosecurity measure described in Subdivision B, Division 3, Part 3, Chapter 2 of the Act (Detention). In accordance with the Act, and clinical guidance, consideration will be given to human biosecurity control orders, such as isolation measures, if necessary and appropriate.

The Determination is in force for 3 months beginning on the day it is registered.

Source: Biosecurity-Human-Health-Response-Zone-Swissotel-Sydney-Determination-2020.pdf and Biosecurity-Human-Health-Response-Zone-Swissotel-Sydney-Determination-2020-Explanatory-Statement.pdf