It astounds me that persons who have been granted a protection visa  and who are not  Australian citizens travel overseas to the place from which they have originally fled, to visit family friends and spouses.

I have a case in front of me involving a citizen of Iraq who gained PR as a refugee and over the last 6 years has routinely travelled back to Iraq.

His visa was cancelled by resort to section 128 whilst he was offshore. He now has to seek a revocation of that cancellation.

Please advise your clients.... "If you are a refugee do not do any of the following:

1.     Apply for a passport from the country you are seeking refuge from.

2.     Do not register as a voter in local or municipal elections in the country from which you have fled.

3.     Do not under any circumstances travel back into the country from which you have fled unless you hold an Australia passport."

If your clients who are refugees think that Immigration is not aware of their travel they need to understand that the department has reliable sources of information from all of its allies...nothing goes unnoticed!