The purpose of the instrument is to ensure that:

- persons  who currently hold,or  have ever held,  a  Subclass  786  Humanitarian Concern  visa for  whom  the  Minister  has  lifted  the  bar  in  section  91K  of  the  Act and  who  have  made  an  application  for  a  Protection  (Class  XA)  visa  within 7 working  days  of  being  given  notice  that  the  Minister  has  lifted  the  bar  under section  91L  of  the  Act,  are  exempt from  satisfying  the  Minister  that  there  is  an acceptable reason for the delay in applying for a Protection (Class XA) visa under subparagraph 050.212(8)(c)(i) of Schedule 2 to the Regulations; and 

- persons who currently hold, or have ever held a Subclass 785 Temporary Protection visa and who make an application for a Protection (Class XA) visa are specified,for the purposes of section 91K of the Act,as a class of persons,under subparagraph 050.232(8)(c)(ii) of Schedule 2 to the Regulations,who are exempt from satisfying the Minister of an acceptable reason for a delay in applying for that visa.This ensures continuity in permission and therefore the ability to work for persons who are both Protection (Class XA) visa applicants and Resolution of Status (Class CD) visa applicants and are transitioning to a Subclass 851 (Resolution of Status) visa.

Source: LIN19061.pdf and LIN19061-Explanatory-Statement.pdf