About ImmiSys

ImmiSys is a cloud based, purpose built client management system, integrating immigration and education.

It is highly automated and extremely easy to use. ImmiSys is the only truly cloud based workflow and client management system purposely designed for the Australian immigration and education industry. ImmiSys are confident that their system will transform your business so you need only focus on your migration clients. Everything else will be taken care of by the system. Greater efficiency will be achieved and customer satisfaction will be improved. You can now say good bye to all those cumbersome spreadsheets. ImmiSys also seamlessly integrates your email system and billing system. With ImmiSys, you have a 360 degree view of your overall business at any point of time.  Check out the people who sit behind ImmiSys: http://immisys.com.au/our-team/ 

Migration Alliance (MA) members can now take advantage of the following two incredible ImmiSys offers:

OFFER ONE: MA members taking the Practice Ready Program (PRP) through Legal Training Australia (LTA) discount

Normally a subscription to ImmiSys is $45 + GST per per user per month. Through LTA's PRP it is now $22 + GST per month for the first 6 months. This offer is only available to MA members. MA membership is free.

After the first 6 months the subscription fee reverts to the usual price of $45 + GST per subscription. This represents a $23.00 discount per month for the first 6 months. This is a special deal for LTA's PRP participants. This is not available to anyone else or via any other PRP provider.

To access this discount please use the coupon code MAPRP when signing up for ImmiSys.

OFFER TWO: Migration Alliance member discount

Please use the coupon code MALTA503 which gives Migration Alliance RMAs a 50% discount for first three (3) months subscription of ImmiSys. This offer is valid until 30 June 2018. This offer is only available to MA members. MA membership is free to join.