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A professional business plan is a competitive advantage for your clients

The ability to communicate the value that your client will bring to Australia is a crucial factor in many business and skilled-labour immigration visa sub-classes.

In assessment of immigration applications for business professionals and some skilled workers, The Department of Immigration and Citizenship needs to be convinced that the applicant will add value to the local economy, the industry in which it operates and to the community.

A professional business plan is therefore a critical component for these types of applications.


At a minimum, your clients’ business plan must contain:

  • Business objectives, strategies and tactics
  • Market positioning, business viability analysis
  • Proposed location, management and staff structure
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product or service strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Risk management and operational overview
  • SWOT analysis
  • Financial arrangements, cash flow forecasts
  • Forecast establishment and growth over the four-year term of a provisional visa

A professional business plan demonstrates why your client should be granted with an immigration visa over other applicants. It communicates the benefits that your client will bring to the local community. The key benefit factors considered by The Department of Immigration and Citizenship include the skill set of your client, the potential for job creation, the services provided to Australian residents, and the financial viability of the undertaking.

A business plan should be benefit based when it comes to Visa applications and should integrate with all application document prepared and supported by the Migration Agent.

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