Arrogance, mismanagement and foreign policy faux pas have been pointed out by Bruce Haigh, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, as reasons why the DIBP Minister should resign, “He appears to understand nothing and listens to no one,” adding “Bully is a gentle word for Mr Morrison.” Haigh however doesn’t suggest who should take over.

In a strongly worded piece, the often quoted political commentator and former diplomat, Bruce Haigh said, ““The Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison, should resign. He is not a fit and proper person to be responsible for vulnerable lives.”

Listing a litany of complaints, which could arguably apply to past heads of such portfolios, Haigh first pointed to the recent riots at the Manus Island detention camp caused likely by tension and frustration which then led to anger, physical violence from asylum seekers, one death and 70 injuries.

On the relationship with our giant of a neighbour, Indonesia, Haigh states, “Without any help, Mr Morrison has taken the relationship with Indonesia to its lowest point since the mid-1980s. He appears to understand nothing and listens to no one…"

This he claims has ruptured ties with the governing Indonesian elite. An urgent change of tact is needed, and Haigh doesn’t believe it will happen unless some heads roll. “The only means by which a sustainable policy can be implemented is in co-operation with the Indonesian government, but Mr Morrison has burnt his bridges. With elections due shortly in Indonesia, he can expect to reap what he has sown from what is likely to be a less tolerant government.”