Why become a Migration Alliance Member as a Sponsor ?

The statistics tell you why to sponsor or advertise with Migration Alliance

Please look at the Migration Alliance page rank.  Migration Alliance has the coverage, depth and reach which is unsurpassed in our industry.  We  reach the majority of migration agents and the wider community including migrants, new people entering the profession and associated sponsors and service providers.  The question about whether to sponsor or advertise with Migration Alliance is not 'if not', it is 'why not'?  We are the number one professional association for registered migration agents in Australia.  Migration Alliance is the number 1 immigration website in Australia.   If you are looking for a quality, depth, reach, passion and people who are easy to work with then choose Migration Alliance.  Look at our current sponsors.  They are with us for a reason.  Quality.

Our philosophy is to create excellent working relationships with our sponsors to develop strong alliances to benefit our members and the general public wishing to migrate to Australia.  Our aim is not to benefit Migration Alliance the organisation, but the members within it.  Sponsoring Migration Alliance connects you 3400 + RMA members and their huge numbers of clients.   Our website is uniquely designed to capture migrants before they arrive in Australia.

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