Why become a Migration Alliance Member as a Migrant ?
  • It's free to join
  • Access to Registered Migration Agents who are legally trained and registered to provide Australian immigration advice and assistance.
  • Registered Migration Agents have proven sound knowledge to assist with migrant queries on Australian immigration.
  • Access to  a network of associated professionals in the Australian migration industry who can assist with all aspects of migration to Australia
  • Engagment with professionals who have expertise in understanding and applying the changing laws that govern Australian immigration in order to achieve effective and timely results.
  • Highly motivated and hard working Australian businesses and professionals with a drive for achieving the best possible outcomes for each migrant at the most competitive cost. 
  • Access to migration agents with excellent communication skills in many languages who will simplify the complex immigration law and make it easy to understand. 
  • Hands-on professionals with the specific focus on migrant case management and experience dealing with migrants to Australia. 
  • Regular Australian immigration and lifestyle news articles sent to you via email
  • Access to visa services from our members such as:

• Employer sponsored visas (permanent and temporary)
• Management of employer sponsorship obligations (compliance)
• Business innovation visas, SkillSelect and the Expression of Interest
• Parent, Student, Family, Compelling RRV, Partner visas
• Reviews to the Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal (MRT-RRT)
• Discretionary Australian citizenship applications
• Appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal from the Department of Immigration on character issues, visa cancellations and Australian citizenship decisions

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