The Department of Home Affairs has announced transitional arrangements for replacing the Subclass 489 with Subclass 491.

10th September 2019 - The last day to issues invitations on the submitted EOIs by any State and Territory Authority.

15th November 2019 - The last day for any invited applicant to lodge their visa. After 15th September 11:59 PM, Subclass 489 will ceases and no further lodgements can be made via the Immi Portal.

16th November onwards - Migrants will be able to lodge EOIs for the Subclass 491 as new points test will be introduced.

16th November 2022 - Introduction of the Subclass 191.  This allows applicants with Subclass 491 to apply for their Permanent Residency

Note: During this transition, migrants who have lodged EOIs for Subclasses 189 and 190 will not be affected and can be issued invitations.


To hear more about these changes please attend the Migration 2019 National Conference on 15 November, the day before the new changes.  For tickets please click here: