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Get your client financed today with Expert Finance and receive a bonus!

Partner with Expert Finance Group and earn a referral bonus

Get your client financed today, and get a bonus!

Client Finances 4k loan - $56 to RMA*
Client Finances 5k loan - $88 to RMA*
Client Finances 8k to 10k loan - $140.8 to RMA*
Client Finances 10k+ loan - $158.4 to RMA*
*This is the maximum referral bonus

How Expert Finance Group can benefit YOU

• THEY FINANCE YOUR CLIENT - They can finance the service for the client and give them an easy set weekly payment plan.

• RISK FREE TO YOU - The risk is away from you and they as the finance company take that risk on this unsecured loan.

• DECISION ON THE DAY - They can have the credit approved at the point of consultation so you can lock the service in for the client right away.

• EASY PAYMENT PLAN FOR YOUR CLIENT - Rates for the client are competitive with banks and the decision is faster - on the day.

• THEY DO THE WORK FOR YOU - it‘s as simple as quoting them and if they are undecided you can get them on the phone to them and they will take the application within a 15 minute phone call.

Why Expert Finance Group?

Expert Financial Group was formed with the goal of helping place clients in the best possible position for them rather than simply getting them a loan. You get to deal with one of our lending experts who do more than simply look at rates. We look to find the package that best suits your needs for the long term and help look for solutions to possible future needs as well. With over 30 years of financial experience we know how to help you get the best solution to your lending needs.

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