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The Relocator

In corporation with the Migration Alliance has set up a referral program for each of your clients that have moving or Shipping needs. is a portal where you can get up to 6 quotes from accredited international moving companies that can move from anywhere to anywhere around the world. only works with moving companies that are Fidi or IAM accredited assuring your clients with quality services, competitive rates and a hassle free move.

The great thing about the program is that you the migration agent will get a referral fee for each lead, so no need to track or wait to see if they actually chose a moving company. If it is a qualified lead then you earn a commission of up to 20 aud per referral.

All you or your clients need to do is fill in the data of the client who is need of a moving company, on the designated page we provide and the rest is done for you. also offers you an Iframe that you can put on your own website to capture the data of your online visitors.

What are the benefits for your clients?
- 100% free to use
- Only reputable accredited moving companies will get in touch
- Your clients compare and save money

If you want to participate please contact us for the terms and conditions.

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