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Trade Training for Clients

Silver Trowel Trade Training (STTT) is a Western Australian owned and operated private training organisation. Migration Agents who refer clients to STTT can be paid commission by STTT.

To request a student prospectus from Silver Trowel, and to receive referral commission information from Silver Trowel Trade Training, please Enquire Now using the form on the right side.

With company directors from Building Industry and Educational backgrounds, STTT firmly believe that there are no shortcuts to quality education and training.

STTT provides high quality, nationally accredited, internationally recognised training for the Building & Construction Industry and Business Services. Silver Trowel is well supported by industry and has been awarded the highest rating of three gold stars by the Australian Institute of Trade Skills Excellence, winners of the 2010 Australian Ethnic Business Awards, winners of the 2009 WA Industry & Export Awards for Education & Training also winning both the 2008 and 2010 WA Industry & Export Awards for Emerging Exporters of International Education.

Below are some relevant points about the STTT and then some relevant information about the trades.

To enroll on one of the STTT CRICOS registered courses, the student will need to have a Student Visa for study in Australia. Migration Alliance migration agents will be able to assist students with this matter. There are many migration agents listed on our website who can assist.

  • STTT have hundreds of International Students enrolled from over 40 countries around the world
  • STTT have a devoted student services team to assist students with their transition to life in Australia.
  • STTT value their role as an educational leader, embracing change and responding to the needs of their students and industry.
  • STTT courses are all delivered to the highest standards from their state-of-the-art training facilities - 2 campuses in Cannington and Kewdale - both about 10kms from Perth city centre.
  • STTT offer a variety of building & construction industry trade training courses to International Students:
  • Bricklaying (Kewdale Campus)
  • Solid-Plastering (Cannington Campus)
  • Carpentry (Cannington Campus)
  • Wall & Floor Tiling (Cannington Campus)
  • All trade courses delivered over 104 weeks at a total cost of $28,950.00
  • The only other expenses are for the DIAC requirement of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and steel capped boots - to be provided by the student - for OH&S reasons
  • Five intake dates per year for each of their trade courses - January, March, June, August & October.
  • Silver Trowel is also contracted to the West Australian state government to deliver training to Australian apprentices.
  • For students requiring a higher academic level, STTT can package their trade courses which a business qualification.
  • Business courses include Certificate IV in Frontline Management (52 weeks @ $6,500.00) and Diploma of Management (52 weeks @ $8,000.00) – (Cannington Campus)
  • Business courses have regular commencement dates throughout the year.
  • Silver Trowel has been developing industry networks and job seeker opportunities since 1997.
  • STTT have dedicated Field Officers on staff who assist their students to find paid work placements during their course.
  • STTT are committed to helping men and women of all ages find rewarding and well paid careers within the building and construction industry.
  • All of STTT trade course skills are in high demand and on Australia’s current migration Skilled Occupations List. (SOL) -

To request a student prospectus from Silver Trowel, and to receive referral commission information from Silver Trowel Trade Training, please Enquire Now using the form on the right side.

Packaged English Language and Trade Training

Language Links (LL) is a private Registered Training Organization (RTO 50587 - CRICOS 02139J) providing a range of English Language courses in Western Australia to both local and international students.

Silver Trowel (STTT) is a private Registered Training Organization (RTO 51681 - CRICOS 02898C) providing a range of vocational training services in Western Australia to both local and international students.

Lian Allan makes a site visit to Silver Trowel

Where it is relevant and not a conflict of interest, STTT will promote to its students, LL as its preferred and a quality provider of English Language courses. The English Language courses offered at LL allow students to achieve a nationally recognized qualification in English and therefore, the English qualification (at the right level) may be used as evidence of English Proficiency to meet the English Entry requirements for STTT courses

Where it is relevant and not a conflict of interest, LL will promote to its students, STTT as its preferred and a quality provider of Construction Trade courses and Business courses to Diploma level.

We encourage students to apply for a packaged course witch includes English plus a STTT Certificate or Diploma. In doing so, a long term student visa may be granted and avoid having to apply for a new visa after the completion of each course.

International students may obtain a packaged visa if they pay the full amount of the English Studies plus the deposit for the eCOE to be issued by STTT - Currently the agreed deposit amount is $250 (non-refundable). Prior to commencing studies at STTT, the first semester‘s fees of their course must be paid in full.

How does the package work for students ?

Select witch course you would like to undertake at STTT and determine the English Entry Requirements.
Provide evidence of your current English Proficiency level (eg. IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL score or Cambridge ESOL Certificate etc.

If no evidence is available, you may apply to sit an English Proficiency Test at LL - (on-line testing available for offshore candidates or central city campus testing for local students)
If after presenting your English evidence or completing the English Proficiency Test, your English level is not sufficient to enter the STTT course, you will require further English studies pior to entering your STTT course.

You can apply to LL for an English Preparation course

Upon applying for your course at LL, an individual study plan will be determined to calculate your English course duration, to ensure you have sufficient time to meet the English requirements for your STTT course.

If you are happy with the study plan, you must complete a LL application/Enrollment Form to apply for your English course
During your course at LL you will be monitored to ensure you are processing well and that you will be able to meet your study goals.

Upon course completion at LL, you will be issued with your English Certificate or Qualification. Copes of your academic results will be sent to STTT as evidence of you meeting English Proficiency

LL and STT will issue an invoice for the total course fees and a Letter of Offer or Acceptance, confirming your course details.

You must then pay your LL course Fees and the STTT depoist.

An eCOE will be issued from both institutions, usually within 48 hours of receiving the payment.

You may then apply to Immigration for a Student Visa for the total duration of your LL + STTT course.

You must also ensure your STTT Application form / Enrolment for is completed and that you have confirmed your start date at STTT.

LL will notify STTT of your application and proposed course completion date at LL to ensure it matches up with the STTT course intake.

A short course break is allowed between courses, for most assessment levels, a four week break is permitted.

To request a student prospectus from Silver Trowel, and to receive referral commission information from Silver Trowel Trade Training, please Click Here

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen on Western Australia. Dated 28 March 2012.

“Last year the Federal Government announced a raft of new migration measures to help tackle skills shortages, including increasing the Skilled Migration program by 12,000 places and introducing Enterprise Migration Agreements (EMAs) for major resource projects, many of which will be inevitably be in WA. "In addition, under the State Migration Plan, WA holds over a quarter of all places in the program and together with Victoria has the largest number of places allocated to any state or territory.‘ Perth as a ‘regional city‘ for the purpose of greater access to skilled migration and to provide employers with another, easier avenue to recruit the skilled workers they need from overseas.

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